Saturday, December 4, 2010

Copic Multiliner SP .3

This is the Copic Multiliner SP .3, which is Japanese in origin. The Copic line is well-known among artists for the  "copic" characteristic, meaning that the ink is resistant to smudging and smearing, and the marker states that the ink is waterproof. says that there are 10 different sizes, "ultra fine .03 to brush," which allows you to find just about any size you need, depending on the purpose in mind. There are also 12 different colors, but the one reviewed here is in black, my most frequently purchased color. I wouldn't mind trying the blue or purple, however. The pen itself looks great, and the cap stays posted pretty snugly on the back.

When I first tried this pen, I couldn't help not being reminded of the Sharpie Pen and the Sakura Pigma Micron. While Copic does make a disposable version of this pen, I try to avoid disposable pens in an effort to be a little bit more friendly to nature. The barrel of this pen was comfortable to hold, and the aluminum barrel looks cool, too. For $6.75  (JetPens), you get a modern, refillable pen that can be used for writing or art. It is easy to recommend this pen, and I think that most people can find a color, size, and purpose to really appreciate this offering.

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