Monday, December 6, 2010

Images + Design + Posts

I am working on trying to improve the quality of my images, so any suggestions on close ups and lighting would be appreciated. I am getting too much glare or not enough clarity.

The design is another area I will be looking at changing soon. The current color scheme seems too drab, in my opinion. So I will be lightening that up, too.

If any one wants to see reviews that cover particular aspects or categories - so that this blog is not too similar to other blogs - please let me know.

Thank you to those that have visited as I try to make this a "favorite" in your bookmarks.



  1. I look forward to reading your blog. We're both fairly new, but seem to have the same concepts, but different passions, so no problems! I'm hoping to change the design of mine as well. I really want to get more complex with the color scheme. Best of Luck!

  2. When it comes to taking images, I find that taking the pictures on an angle when using a flash helps to reduce glare. Also, try using a nonreflective surface underneath the object you take a picture with. I find that my picture turn out best when I have a lot of natural light with no flash. Hope that helps a little bit. I'm not sure how experienced you are with photography, so I apologize if it's redundant. :)

  3. My photography experience is nonexistent, so any tips I can get will help. Believe me, nothing you can provide as advice is redundant, so I appreciate the tips.

  4. Hey EP!

    For a lot of my photos, I take pictures on a white piece of paper with my light directly overhead (I have a fluorescent desk lamp with an adjustable head so I can lower it or raise it to get ther lighting I need), but the second commentor is also correct. Natural light works best (and I've always loved Dizzy Pens use of a window/windowsill to taker he pictures, which uses the natural lighting very effectively - Hope it helpes, and if oyu ever need anything, give me a shout! ^_^