Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pilot Neo-Gel .7 Black/Red/Blue

I am pretty familiar with most of items in the Pilot line, but never heard of, or tried, the Neo-Gels until my girlfriend brought them home from work today. Apparently these are common around her office, but I have not seen this in the big-box stores, and I have not heard much buzz about them in the pen community, either. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention, but I certainly don't feel like I missed much. These seem like a cheap G2, and everything about them feels like it is inferior to the G2, also.

  • The ink of the black seems very similar, but the ink in the blue and red feel more like a bad ballpoint than anything else.
  • The grip is a set of raised rings. They are a very basic grip, and I guess they serve the purpose of being a grip. 
  • The rest of the barrel is like a cross between a Sakura Gelly Roll and a Bic Crystal. Nothing noteworthy in this department. 
  • The end of the cartridge has the familiar yellow-orange goo at the end, but this doesn't result in a feeling like the G2.
  • The label 'Neo-Gel' and '07' point size are bold on the cap, but this hardly saves the performance or comfort of these mediocre pens. 
  • I might keep the black one around as a pen to loan out to others, but the blue and red are, essentially, worthless. 
I'm all about affordable pens, and even though these cost $1.09 U.S. on, I'd much rather spend a dollar more to buy a G2 and call it a day.

Pen: Pilot Neo-Gel 
Paper: Doane 8.25 x 11.75  This paper has been great, because it takes a variety of inks quite well, and there is less glare than glossier papers when I take photos.

Q: Have any of you tried these pens and, if so, what do you think of them?


  1. Actually, I have a set that's a few years old. I don't use them often, but they don't bother me. I don't have a lot of G-2's in color, so that's where I fill in with these.

  2. Maybe I just came across a bad batch? I'm glad yours work better than mine do.

  3. Oh my! This is my favorite pen! : ) The ink consistancy is so evenly distributed when writing. I don't feel like I have to place any pressure and the pen writes with ease. I also have the black, but have never used the blue, red, or green one. It is quite disappointing to hear that they all do not write the same. : (

  4. Anonymous - You've found one of my first reviews!

    Thanks for the comment. I'm that you enjoy the Neo Geo - they are very uncommon, at least in my area.

    Maybe you will have a different experience with the other colors, so please let me know!