Thursday, December 16, 2010

Schneider Topball 845 .5mm rollerball (green)

It is hard to beat a Pilot Precise for liquid ink rollerball pens, but I think this one is worth trying. Schneider is apparently a German company, and I can't think of a time when I've seen them in the store, but has them in their catalog. This green one came home from work with my girlfriend, so it may be more difficult to find the green color. You will notice from the images that there is some inconsistent areas in the lines but, overall, the pen is adequate, especially considering they are under $1 U.S. each. I would like to try some higher-end offerings from this company, so if you have any you are willing to trade, please contact me. One other point that I noted in the review is that this very much reminds me of the regular Uni-ball Roller or the Uni-ball Onyx - a cheap pen that does the job. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Found these for sale online at
This pen reminds me of this Uni-ball pen

Let me know if you have any questions about this review. 


  1. How is the plastic, does it feel cheap?

    I have used Schneider extra 805 needlepoint before and it had excellent design and both the body and needlepoint feel unbreakably hard. Surprisingly it seems to be discontinued. It's a shame because it had fantastic minimal design.

    1. The plastic does feel cheap, but I don't think the pen is expensive. I would love to try the needle point, too! Too bad it is no longer available.

    2. Got mine this week! I thought it has barrel ink reservoir but it doesn't seem to be. Managed to find 10 pack for fiver so I'm not complaining ;)

      I still got a few needle points and would love to see its review on your blog, I'm happy to send you one if you like!

    3. I would love to try it! e-mail me at