Monday, December 13, 2010

Sheaffer Fountain Pen Giveaway

My girlfriend and I like to try new restaurants and then hit thrift/antique stores from time to time; this is one of the fountain pens I picked up along the way. The pen is made by Sheaffer, which is based out of Fort Madison, Iowa. The nib is a fine point, and is stamped 'Made in USA.'

The closeups make the pen look like there are scratches or flaws, but it is just the dust clinging to it from static electricity, which is quite prevalent in Minnesota during the winter. The average temperature in Minnesota during this time of year is -15 F to 25 F. 

I do not know what model this is, but it appears to be an entry-level school/economy pen. This pen does not have a built in filling system - it is a cartridge/converter style pen. What's great about Sheaffer is that the cartridges have not changed in decades. You can buy the refills from Goldspot, Sheaffer, or many of the large office supply stores. The pen is in really good shape, but I do not know when it was made. It looks like it was probably the 70s. 

Since this blog is relatively new, I am going to let the giveaway go a bit longer than usual so that more people can get a chance to enter. 

  • Leave a comment on this posting to enter.
  • You are limited to one entry. Duplicate entries will disqualify you from winning.
  • You can enter any time between now and midnight, December 26th.
  • The winner will be selected using the Random Number Generator @
  • The winner will be posted on Monday, December 27th. 
  • For the time being, I will only be shipping to winners in the U.S., so I apologize to international visitors. Future giveaways will include international winners, but I am still trying to get this blog off the ground, so I appreciate your understanding. 
Good Luck!


  1. Nice. Hope I win that. I don't have any Sheaffer fountain pens yet. Just an old, non-working pencil I found in a dumpster. lol

  2. Nice! This looks a lot like the Sheaffer calligraphy pen my Mom bought me back in the early 80's, It would be super cool if the body had no holes and you could convert it to an eye dropper.

  3. Thank you for the great give-away. I have bookmarked this blog and added it to me RSS Reader. Good Luck!

  4. Great Pen! I would love it, being the Pen Freak that I am!!

  5. This looks fantastic! While I hope to win, I will be sure to mention this giveaway on my blog too!

  6. I never join my wife on her thrift store hunts. Maybe now, I will!

  7. Interesting story and hope to win

  8. Hi!
    I used this very model in school in the 70's and 80's. I had the black model. Yours is an older model like in the 70's, and you can tell this because of the smooth plastic next to the nib. The newer model had textured plastic. The rest of the pen remained smooth in both versions. The fine tip was the best! What was even better was that these pens retailed for $1.49!! Complete steal.

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