Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zebra Penpod, I will miss you.

Dear Pen Section of My Zebra Penpod,

       I know not why you left or where I went wrong. We had so many good times together. You were always there for me when I was without a writing instrument. You saved me in so many instances when I needed to take down that phone number, that book recommendation, that lofty thought, that stolen recipe. Your blue ink was smooth and vibrant. Your size was convenient. You were there with me just as often as my car keys, and now it is all over. I last saw you the other day, but I do not know where you have gone. I will miss you, always. And I hope that I can one day find you...


  1. So all you have now is a lonely Zebra cap? I hope you find your beloved pen. :)

  2. Yeah, I tossed the cap since I doubt I will find the pen and I don't think retailers bother with replacements.

    I heard the Penpods can also use the Sharbo X refills, which I never tried, but it would be cool to replace the standard blue ballpoint ink with a color gel refill.

  3. I've lost so many pens from my penpods! Each time it's like a little part of me has died. :(