Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Noodler's American Eel Gruene Cactus + Noodler's Piston Filler

As always, the Noodler's ink comes filled to the brim. My girlfriend wanted to make sure this bottle hadn't frozen in the mailbox, so she opened it up and nearly repainted our counter-top green - or "gruene," as it were. 

I did not mean to get this sort of shimmer off the clip, but at least it wasn't rendered in Adobe Photoshop. 

As advertised, this is a very classic looking pen. I like classic styling. I like the look of this pen, even if it feels a bit cheap, which it should at $14.00

I have to say I love the combination going on here: Rhodia paper, an excellent Noodler's ink, and a very nice economy-level pen. As I note in the review, the pen does smell, but I can overlook it for the price it lists at. The review makes the ink appear almost black, which it is not. The color is quite green, but it can appear pretty dark at times. 

I hope you can see the color variation. At times, the color is nearly a green-black. Sometimes the color is almost approaches a lime green. The ink takes forever to dry, but I don't write quick enough to worry about smearing the ink with rapid turning of the pages. I am very happy with these offerings from Noodler's. I received my order very quickly from Goulet Pens, which cost about $3.50 in shipping. They have a lot of great inks and paper, so I will certainly be doing more orders in the future (no affiliation whatsoever). 

The Goulet Pen Company: Noodler's Piston Filler (Burgundy)
                                                Noodler's American Eel Gruene Cactus

Note Booker, Esq. Review of Noodler's Piston Filler (More detailed than my review. But hey, I have grad school.) 


  1. I appreciate the links and I'm glad you're happy with the ink and pen! Something to note, the Noodler's 'American Eel' inks are designed to keep the seals of piston pens lubricated as you write, so it's ideal in a pen like this.

  2. I have a Noodler's Creaper as well, but with the flex nib. It's an absolute joy to write with, although when flexing it, it either feathers or takes a long time to dry. The only paper that seems to work well with the flexing is Staples Sustainable Earth Bagasse (Sugarcane Paper).

    I've noticed the smell on mine as well, it smells like wood putty or something like that. I'm using Noodler's Green Marine in mine, which is fantastic for flex nibs with its great shading.

  3. p.s., I just recently had an order with Goulet Pens as well and their service and speed was outstanding. As were the prices, will definitely be ordering from them again.