Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo

I tested this ink in my trusty Rhodia staple-bound notebook using my equally trusty Lamy Safari (fitted with a 1.1mm calligraphy nib).  

Don't let my perspective on the ink color deter you from trying this ink. I just wanted something a lighter/bluer, and this ink cannot be held accountable for my expectations. After trying this color, I am more than eager to pick up some other colors, even with the hefty price tag. As you can see in the image below, the try time was pretty substantial, but a big part of this is the Rhodia paper which, though not very porous, allows for excellent shading in most of the inks I have used. 

A special thanks to Note Booker, Esq. for sending over the ink sample. I still have two more samples that he sent to try, so those will be coming up in the next few weeks, too. 


  1. I am really anxious to try some Iroshizuku ink.

  2. I have a pilot ink bottle(thailand). It's simliar to