Sunday, January 9, 2011

Staples DuraPoint .5mm Black

This is the new Staples DuraPoint that I first heard about from The Pen Addict. These are very similar to a Sharpie Ultra Fine, and the comparison is a good thing. (Important: see update at the bottom of the review. My opinion of this pen has changed.) I noted that there is a strong marker smell. The pen feels cheap. The ink bleeds through, even on Rhodia paper. And I would still recommend this pen because they come in at $1.00 (U.S.), which is great considering the ink is bold, the tip writes smoothly, and the performance, for the most part, is pretty good. I think this pen is going to be a love-it-or-hate-it type pen. I have noticed that the end might start off dry, so the point might have to be primed a bit. Overall, worth trying. I still prefer the Sharpie, but I like to see the big stores trying new things, too. 

On the bottom of this writing sample, you can see how the color compares between a Staples DuraPoint, a Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent, and a Sharpie Pen Grip. If I could get a Sharpie Pen Grip with a needle point and the $1.00 price, I would be a very happy pen geek. 

Sharpe Ultra Fine (left) and Staples DuraPoint (right)

** One week of use update: After trying this pen over the course of a week, I have noticed that the pen has a difficult time writing when first uncapped. I didn't have this problem initially, so I have to say that this is characteristic takes the pen down quite a few notches. After having some more time with this pen, I'd recommend sticking with a Sharpie.

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  1. I bought a box of these DuraPoint pens a Staples (they didn't have the excellent Uni-Ball pens that I usually buy). After using them for a while, I decided that I hate them. The point breaks down before long, causing the writing experience to be scratchy and uneven. So, I'll use one for a few days and then throw it away. Next time, I'll buy pens at the Office Depot.