Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pentel Slicci 07 Green

Shown above is the .7mm Pentel Slicci, one of the best needle point pens you can get, at least for performance and variety, but I do have a few issues with this pen.

As I indicated in the review, the pen writes very well, but the darn barrel is too slim, especially if you have larger hands. I'd say Sliccis are great for when you are not writing more than a few paragraphs, but you are likely to feel some hand cramping and fatigue during longer stretches. The clip could be stronger, too. It feels like it could crack off pretty easily due to the side-to-side sway it has with even light force. If your arsenal is in a pen case or your pens just mostly sit on your desk, this is unlikely to be an issue for you. At any rate, the color is fantastic, and I have loved all of the colors and point sizes that I have tried. I know the The Pen Addict took issue with the nib point on this particular size, but I did not experience the same thing, at least not yet. Normally I go for the smaller Slicci sizes, but I had not tried the .7mm yet, and I do (mostly) like it. 

You can get this the Slicci in a .25, .3, .4, and .7, and I think the .3 is my favorite, especially for writing notes in the margins of my academic reading. I have not had a chance to try the .25. 

Paper used for this review: Rhodia Reverse Book

For some other opinions of this pen, check out Office Supply Geek's review and The Pen Addict's review (same link as the one posted above).


  1. I have a couple of Pentel Slicci pens in the .25 point size that I never use because the barrel is too slim. Otherwise they're fantastic. The Slicci's ink colors are great and the crystal barrel is beautiful. I wonder if the Slicci ink is as fade and water resistant as the Uni-ball Signo DX pens I use instead. But still, they're too thin - even for my small hands.

  2. Michael - I am almost tempted to wrap a bunch of duct tape around the barrel to make them a better size. I have not tested the fade/water resistance of the Slicci, but let me know if you try it out.