Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mystery Promotional Pen + Highlighter

It's really too bad there are not better promotional pens out there. If you look to the past, it is relatively easy to find great promotional notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, etc. The modern promotional item is a ballpoint pen of less than stellar quality, and you are lucky to get a promo highlighter that is halfway decent. 

It was hard to capture this, but as you can (hopefully) see, this pen is made in Japan. My heart goes out to the people of Japan for what they are experiencing right now. 

The tip is pretty familiar - the Sharpie Extra Fine marker has the same tip, as does the Staples DuraPoint.

The highlighter works great, but it did smear a bit on the Rhodia Reverse Book paper that I used for the review. 

Here is a little comparison of the Mystery Pen vs. other popular selections of felt/plastic tips. As you can see, the Mystery Pen most closely matches the Pilot V Razor Point, and the 'MADE IN JAPAN' imprint is the same on both pens. I think this pen might be made by Pilot, but I cannot be sure. 

So, the big question is "Does anyone know who makes this?"


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  2. I don't, but I've had that pen in the past, too, and wondered the same thing... I'd love to know. Another thing I'd like to know is: Who makes the pen and is it available separately from the wonderful Post-it Hybrid 0.5 gel...?

  3. I could be wrong on this but I bet it's made by Uni-Ball/Mitsubishi. The way "Made in JAPAN" is written on the cap is identical to the way it's written on my Uni-Ball Onyx Micros (the word Japan being larger than the other 2 words). Could be wrong though!

  4. I am going to add one to the giveaway so you can check it out for yourself.

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  6. Possibly a Luxor Pilot pen?

  7. Whoever made that mystery pen did great because you were able to appreciate its difference with a highlighter. Thanks for providing this unique topic.