Saturday, April 2, 2011

Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil (Economy Version)

Here we have the Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil. This is the cheapest of several available models, which includes a boxed set that runs, on average, $250 U.S. While I am starting to get into woodcase pencils as of late, I am not willing to spend that kind of coin on nearly any writing instrument. What's great about the Perfect Pencil is how it allows a woodcase pencil to become a more viable option for Every Day Carry. My favorite woodcase pencils are now more pocket-safe than the Kuru Toga, which would be the ultimate mechanical pencil if it had a retractable tip or a cap for the non-retractable sleeve. I have written to Uniball about the non-retractable sleeve and was informed that they have forwarded my concerns to the marketing and design teams. 

Here is the crown of the Perfect Pencil. The top pulls out to reveal a pencil sharpener, and the top portion of the crown unscrews from the sharpener, which I believe allows one to replace the sharpener once it gets dull, but I am not positive about this. 

As you can see here, the Perfect Pencil has a nice sturdy metal clip, and it is not very flexible at all. The pencil point is protected by the Perfect Pencil cap, allowing you to put it in a shirt pocket or pants pocket. It fits nice and snugly around the pencil without being too tight. 

Once the pencil becomes too short to hold comfortably, you can flip the pencil around and use the Perfect Pencil as a pencil extender. I didn't have any really short pencils lying around to test how comfortable it is as an extender, but the Perfect Pencil seems like it would be comfortable enough to hold in this manner. 

This model also comes with a Faber-Castell 9000 pencil with B (soft) grade graphite. I prefer softer graphite, so this was a bonus to me. 

I bought my Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil at Wet Paint, in St. Paul, Minnesota (no affiliation). They do have online ordering, and it is now cheaper than when I bought it.

If you want to see a comparison of the economy version of the Perfect Pencil compared to the high-end version, you can check out this posting over at Pencil Revolution. 


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  2. I am carrying this one in my shirt pocket, every day of the week. I do have the posh versions as well, but they are too heavy and too bling to carry with me every day. This one is great, the best of the different plastic versions.

  3. memm74,

    It's great to know that you feel the same way about this one; it really fits the product name of Perfect Pencil. I think I would be devastated if I lost the higher-end versions. What sort of mileage have you experienced from the sharpener, assuming you use it?

  4. I got one of these but I don't understand the rotating lip. Is it there just so one doesn't rub the paint of the pencil? Does it adjust the tightness? Does it come off?