Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zebra AR7 Blue

Grip: The grip, if you can call it a grip, is hard plastic with small, slightly raised rings. While the rings may prevent slippage, they are somewhat awkward. The pen is still fairly comfortable to hold.

Clip: The clip is metal and feels pretty solid. It doesn't budge very much at all.

Color and Design: The color of the barrel and ink remind me a lot of the Uniball Vision Elite Blue-Black. Both pens have white barrels, rollerball points, and dark blue inks. The grips and overall design look close to one another.

Performance: The ball of the pen is about as smooth as it gets, which it should be given the .7 mm size. The lines are clean for the point size and there was no skipping or uneven ink distribution.

Drying time: The ink took somewhere around 20 seconds to dry on Rhodia paper, but many liquid inks do. 

Recommended? Yes, if you like larger point sizes and liquid ink roller ball pens. This one is not bad, but it is not a style I typically go for. 

I don't know how well it will show here, but the trim is much lighter than the ink. The Zebra AR7 ink was darker than the Uniball Vision Blue-Black ink, which is surprising being labeled 'blue'.

It looks as if Zebra was borrowing some design elements from Uni-ball for this one. 

 The grip, trim, barrel color, and clip are all pretty similar, but I think the Zebra is a bit smoother.

The AR7 ink looks much brighter in the Jet Pens image, so I wonder if the color of the ink has changed in the barrel, which I have seen happen with Waterman South Sea Blue (if you don't use a pen loaded with Waterman SSB often enough, the color shifts from turquoise to dark blue). If you like rollerball pens and .7mm point sizes, this one is worth checking out. It is currently $1.80 (U.S) on Jet Pens (no affiliation). 

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