Friday, July 15, 2011

The Write Dudes - Smooth Sticks Dry Highlighters

This is another item sent to me by Write Dudes to try out for reviewing purposes. These are the Smooth Stick Gel Highlighters, which are designed not to dry out. What makes these different than regular highlighters is the waxy, crayon-line consistency of the highlighting ingredient.

As you can see, the colors are indicated by the cap and the end of the highligther. The end of the highlighter twists to increase the length of the highlighting stick inside the pen, very much like Chapstick. The construction of the highlighters feels economy grade, which makes sense considering these appear to be developed for younger writing supply fans. I am not sure about the M.S.R.P. on these, but I would be surprised if they topped the $5 range.

The color of the highlighting itself was quite neon, which, for the most part, I liked. I am a purist when it comes to highlighters, so yellow is always my favorite color. One major factor I did not like about the highlighters was the way the waxy stick seemed to crumble as the pen moves across the page. This happens with crayons, and the younger audiences may not mind, but I do not want the crumbly bits to get stuck to other pages or make a mess of what I am working on. It seemed like this may not have happened as much with the yellow highlighter, and I actually enjoyed the yellow one quite a bit.

The highlighters do provide a great contrast with the letters on the page.

For a less common highlighter format, these were not bad, but I could not see myself buying them due to the issues with the crumbles going around the page. If you enjoy the colors, and you are not highlighting academic works, these very well work for you.

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  1. who sells them in Houston Tx? They're terrific.