Thursday, September 1, 2011

Historic Writing Surfaces at Fort Snelling

Earlier this summer, I revisited Fort Snelling, a place I had not been to since I was much younger. I didn't appreciate the history of the site during my mandatory field trip (in 1989, I think), but I was enamored with the stories and environments during my recent trip, especially the desks. Though life was once rigorous and rife with hardship, especially in a fort, I cannot help but daydream about the writing experience in that day. Writing well was a sign of character, and good penmanship was far more significant than it is now. I am working on it, but some of the examples I have seen on the Fountain Pen Network make my jaw drop.

The writing box seen in the picture above is a fairly basic design, but I would still love to use one. It is hard to find one these today without spending a small fortune.

The chair doesn't seem too terribly ergonomic, but this still looks like a great little place to put mind to paper, doesn't it? Fort Snelling has a lot of great things to see, but these three images were by far my favorite.

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