Monday, October 10, 2011

Edison Collier Silver Marble with Fine Point Steel Nib

A few weeks back, Goldspot Luxury Gifts offered to send out this Edison Collier for reviewing purposes. When the package first arrived, I didn't realize that this new release from the Edison Pen Co. would cause so much emotional attachment. I'm not looking forward to sending it back, because this pen is a joy to use. 

Inside the box you will find a thank you card from the president of Edison Pen Co., Brian Gray. It may be a small gesture, but it is one that is often overlooked in customer appreciation. 

Regardless of the perspective of this camera making the nib look large, this is a significantly larger nib than I have used in any pen before. This nib is the steel version, but you can also get one with 18k gold. This is a fairly light pen for the size, but I thought the size and weight of the pen were very comfortable. For a complete set of details on dimensions, composition, and options, you can click here to go the to Goldspot page for this particular Edison Collier. 

The nib includes the Edison Pen Co. logo, an indication of size (fine, in this case), and some nice detailing. 

For reviewing this pen, Goldspot Luxury Gifts provided me with a free bottle of Private Reserve Sherwood Green, so this was the ink that I loaded into the Edison Collier for the review. I will have a separate review of the ink in a later posting; the pen is the star of this show. 

Throughout my limited time with this pen, I experienced nothing but clean, even lines. The distribution of ink on the paper was perfect. I never experienced skipping, white spots, scratchiness, or any remotely undesirable performance. The nib was flawless, and the fine point was exactly what I'd expect out of a Western fine point. 

No issues with start up time, nib creep, or any discomfort. I used Rhodia 80gram paper for this review, and the nib, paper, pen, and ink were harmonious together. This is the kind of pen that I would choose if I were to hand-write a novel, memoir, or compose a symphony. The praise here is thick, and for good reason. I love this pen. Can you tell? 

Here are some better photos of the stunning Silver Marble acrylic resin. The pen has vibrant arctic ice-like swirling to it. The clip is firm and has just enough give not to get caught on your shirt pocket. The end of the clip is also spherical, so I never had issues securing or removing it from my shirt pocket. 

The pen comes with a Schmidt converter, or you can convert this pen to an eyedropper. The threading on the cap and barrel are deep and longer than you will see on most pens, so there is no concern for having the cap come loose or of ink spilling in your pocket.

Yep. Take a moment to absorb the view. 

This was a real treat. Thank you to Goldspot Luxury Gifts for letting me borrow this pen. Thank you, also, to Brian, of the Edison Pen Co., for creating writing instruments of such a high calibre. This one is going on my birthday wishlist. 

For another review of this pen, check out the Office Supply Geek's review of the Edison Collier. 

To buy this pen, head over to the Edison Collier section at Goldspot Luxury Gifts.


  1. Wow that's a magnificent pen! I like how fat it looks. Congrats on affording it!

  2. The pen was sent out just for reviewing. I had to send it back, so I don't own it, but yes, it is an excellent pen.