Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The October Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

Alright! The October Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper has finally arrived. I had many great submissions, and I added several more to try to round out the selection. You can tell you really have a problem with pen, pencils, and paper if you have already read all of these links, so I hope you can find something new in the mix, too.

If you have any final postings you really think should be included, I am happy to add them. My e-mail address is on the top right of the page. Thank you for visiting, and please comment to let me know what you think of the selection. Thank you!


Many people pay close attention to The Pen Addict's suggestions. Here is his Top 5 Pen List for Fall, 2011.

Tom, of Goldspot Pens, shares with us this excellent review: Irene and the Edison Collier Fountain Pen.

Steven H shows off his everyday workhorse pen, the Lamy Vista.

Derek, of Derek's Pens and Pencils, gives us insight on the Sheaffer 300 Fountain Pen.

Office Suppy Geek shows off the new Edison Collier Fountain Pen with Steel Broad Point Nib, a pen that I cannot wait to review.

Cynthia, from Journaling Arts, explores Moleskine Pens: Simple, Sophisticated and Sleek.

Heather, of A Penchant for Paper, shares her experience with the Zebra Surari .7 Violet.

O-kami, of Whatever, lets us salivate at her new pen, the Danitrio Densho.

Penned House gives us his verdict on The Write Dudes: Retractable Ballpoint.

Brian Goulet gives us a video on the new Noodler's Ahab Flex Pens.


Brad (a.k.a.) The Pen Addict, brings us the new Tombow Olno Body Knock Pencil .5, as featured for sale on JetPens.com

Alberto, of Lung Sketching Scrolls, shares his new Faber Castell Locktite 9800 SG.


Brian Goulet, of Ink Nouveau, demonstrates 5 New Diamine Colors.

Steven H shares with us his review of the Private Reserve Avocado. Mmmm. Guacamole.

Derek, of Derek's Pens and Pencils, provides us with a review of the Noodler's Dragon's Napalm.


DianeB, of Pocket Blonde, always finds cool stuff to share. Here she presents her review of this Renaissance Art Leather Moleskine Cover.

Carrie, from Heartland Living on a Budget (.com), brings us this excellent posting on How to Make a Great Card, written by Monica B.

Stephanie, better known as Biffy Beans, surveys the fans and asks if they would like Rhodia Post Cards and Notecards.

Planet Millie shows off the Daycraft Signature Sketchbook.


TonyB, of the Tiger Pens Blog, shows appreciation for fellow blogger DianeB with this Blog Review: Pocket Blonde.

Editor's Picks

Miscellaneous Pen Porn, from Gourmet Pens!

No Pen Intended breaks down Stabilo's Move Easy Left Handed Fountain Pen.

Rosetta Leadholder and Accessories from Pencil Talk.

Pen and Paper Hoarder shows off the Moleskine Writing Set Box with .7mm Rollerball Pen.

Learn about the Muji Aluminum Ballpoint Pen .7 from Multi Pen Dimensions.

Tyler Dahl, of 777 Pen Repair, shares his review of Diamine Grey.

Nifty provides us with a story about The Notebook of an Autistic Artist.

Check out this posting on the Traveler's Factory and More, from Scription.

Inkophile brings us another assortment of links in Doodles, Moleskine and a Cherry Link.

Perhaps several of us can relate to Writing Down the Ink #9 from Peacable Writer

Seth, of Good Pens, shows off the JZ Designs Key Pen

Leigh Reyes demonstrates how A Little Balance Goes a Long Way.

Bleistift gives us a look at just how prevalent The Ubiquitous Staedtler Pencils can be.


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