Monday, October 24, 2011

Staedtler (Noris) Student Set

I just wanted to give everyone early notice that this will be one of the items in the next giveaway. It is the Noris version of the Staedtler Student Set and, as far as I know, it is not sold in the U.S. It is fairly easy to find the Mars Lumograph 100 pencils in the U.S., but I rarely see the other models of Staedtler pencils here.

This pack comes with (2) Noris HB pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, a ballpoint pen, and a ruler. How great is that?


  1. Pretty sweet, especially since it's made in Germany. In light of recent Staedtler and Faber-Castell products being made in China, at least...

  2. Agreed. It's terrible that those companies would allow their name to be tarnished by going the "cheap route".