Saturday, October 15, 2011

Uniball Eye Micro .5 Blue

I received this Uniball Eye Micro sample from OfficeHero, a new office supply store located in the U.K. Those of you in the U.S., like myself, will find some items that are not typically found on this side of the pond. 

Though this Uniball Eye is very much like the Uniball Vision, this one has a slightly different ink viewing window, which is graduated like a syringe. 

The Uniball Visions Micros that I have found are available as .5, but I don't recall any of the packaging that I've seen advertise the line width as an "approx .2mm line", as is the case on the bottom of the box (see above image).

Upon inspection, the ball is quite tiny, but I rarely see a .2mm line from a liquid ink pen. Liquid ink spreads more than a gel pen or an oil-based ballpoint, so I compared the Uniball Eye to a few other smaller point pens.

The Uniball Eye Micro performed very well, and I do love the shade of blue it has. As you can see in the review, the size of the line was not smaller than a Pilot G-2 .38 or a Pentel Slicci .3, so I don't think a .2mm line is realistic for this one.

I don't have a comparable Uniball Vision lying around to compare to the Uniball Eye, but it was an excellent writing experience, and I'd like to see this version more often. But for now, you can head over to OfficeHero and check out what they have. 

Thank you OfficeHero and to Oliver, from Digital Sagittarius, for contacting me. 

*Review Update*

Okay, so after digging around in my desk, I was able to find a Uniball Vision Elite Micro in blue. Unlike the Uniball Eye, this one does not indicate that it is a micro point, but using it revealed that it is probably the same size as the Uniball Eye. 

Interestingly enough, the Eye is a bit lighter in color than the Vision Elite. The Vision Elite has more purple-blue tones to it than the Eye, but both colors are nice to look at. If you are very particular about your blue rollerballs, this may be a significant point to consider, but both of these performed very well. 


  1. Nice review, and thanks for comparing it with the Uniball Vision Elite as well.

  2. Thank you for your review. The eye micro is my favorite pen and I'd love to find it in some more colors!

  3. Sheryn - thanks for the comment! It is a great little pen.

  4. A very interesting article. I've been using the "eye" version of the Uniball (Model 157) for many years now and have had to buy it in Europe since it is not routinely carried by stores in the U.S. Also, the "eye" version writes more smoothly than the U.S. "Vision" model. Wish they would carry the "eye" version in the U.S.

    1. Very cool to know that result - with all of the offerings available in the U.S., I still lament not having finer tip sizes and some of the more unique options available by major manufacturers.

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. Here in Spain is a very usual pen and is easy to find fortunately. I also love this shade of blue and I prefer this pen before the Pilot.

  6. I have owned Eye micros in the past, and currently have a UB-150. It is the most consistent pen I have. But when writing cursive, I always feel a resistance, especially in my upward strokes, with the eye micros.