Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pilot G-2 .5 Purple

Well, this may look like a deep, royal purple, but the color is actually much lighter - and pinker, than as shown here, of course your perception may vary (the color of the ink in the writing sample is just a bit lighter than the actual barrel color). I have used the red, blue, and black G-2s, but this was my first experience with the purple ink G-2. 

I thought the pen performed quite well, and the .5 point size dried faster than the .7 and was not as scratchy as the .38 G-2 can be. I liked the color quite a bit, though this will not be in my rotation (actually my girlfriend nabbed this one right off my desk when the writing sample was complete). But I think that anyone that likes different shades of purple and .5 gels will enjoy this pen.

And look! The gel inside the refill doesn't have that weird orange tinting like the black refills do. The clip, grip, and barrel are all otherwise the same, and I'm assuming most, if not all of you, have tried the regular G-2 at some point. I do think that Pilot needs to revamp the barrel a bit, but it might be hard for them to justify changing a classic, especially when it is still one of the most prevalent gel pens on the market.

Looks pretty good, right? I think so. And I'm glad that Pilot took the time to add additional colors to the lineup. As it stands, this is a very solid pen that has no real flaws to speak of.


  1. I really like this purple!! ... Except yours is no longer in your possession hehe. It would be really pretty as a deep royal type purple too, but for once, Pilot has given me COLOR OPTIONS! Have you tried the navy ones? You may like the color of that one.

  2. Navy?! No, but I will find it a.s.a.p.

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Until I found the Signo 0.38 and Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.4, this was the best fine point purple I have ever used. I had wished and wondered why Pilot did not make a 0.38 like the black, blue, green and red, but of course knowing about the Hi-Tec-C and the G-Tec-C now, I no longer question the reason.

  4. The Pilot G-2 0.5 exists in blue-black and it's awesome. I order mines from Pokydady store on Ebay ( The only problem is that you need to order them 12 at a time and if the're not used up within a year they dry up.

  5. Doth Grin: I'm with you on the Hi-Tec-C, as are most of the fine point fans out there. It's great to finally see the G-Tec-C at the Big Box stores now, too.

    Anonymous: Awesome, thanks for the tip! It's unfortunate that they dry out after just a year. I don't think I've seen that on other G-2s, but I'm assuming the dye or formula have something to do with this? Either way, it's good to know that they are out there.