Thursday, May 10, 2012

Staples Strata .5 Needle Point

I have to hand it to Staples for attempting to make a variety of their house brand pens to accommodate different tastes. In this case we have a .5 tip (small for many brands), and a needle point. I'm glad to see needle points become more prevalent as I tend to like these more than conical point pens. 

I think the barrel, overall, looks somewhat like a Uniball Vision Elite. 

The grip will likely remind you of a Pilot Precise, but it has a grippy material that is quite nice and comfortable to hold. The grip material is the type that does attract dust and debris but, because the pen is capped, it is not as likely to look dirty like many retractable pens do that utilize the spongy rubber material.

Not a bad design on the clip; it's functional, but does feel fairly fragile. So, what about the writing performance?

Not bad at all, but there are other, more superior options than this. I always like to try and support the underdog but, more often than not, they can not provide a better value than the big names, which is exactly the case with this offering. 

At any rate, if house brands start to compete with the big name brands, it goes to show that they are listening to what people want and making the effort to win our money. At the very least, it worked on me. 

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