Thursday, June 21, 2012

Introducing the InkJournal

Last week, I was delighted to find a sample pack of these InkJournal Notebooks in the mailbox. This is a new product from Tom Oddo, creator of the InkJournal and fine-writing specialist at, which has a large selection of pens, paper, ink, and cartridges. 

As a pen, paper, ink enthusiast, Tom set forth to create a better tool for testing and organizing ink characteristics and reviews. The key here is convenience and standardization. I often try out new inks in whatever notebook is available, and I usually don't keep the individual pages that I test inks on because they are in different locations. Given my need to be more organized, I think this is an efficient solution to keep track of how different pens (nibs) distribute various inks on the page. 

Within the 3-pack of InkJournal Notebooks is an instruction card, which also doubles as a blotter card. Though the layout of the notebooks is intuitive, the card is both a nice touch and a helpful aid for those who are new to the terminology of ink properties, and the blotter card will prevent other pages from getting ink on them if you close your notebook.

I very much like the layout, and the 100% recycled paper performed surprisingly well. The ink on the page is vegetable-based ink for a "greener" production process.

For the money, these are fantastic, clever little notebooks, and I look forward to seeing if Tom puts out some regular notebooks on this paper. I love my other notebooks that are of comparable design, but they just cannot handle fountain pen ink very well, even if the ink is designed for cheaper papers.

The InkJournal Notebook comes in packs of 3 ($9.99) or packs of 6 ($17.99) and is available at


  1. That is pretty cool! Straight on the wish list. :)

  2. Oh I want one! Shame shipping to Australia is $17.99!

  3. vikram - I think you'll enjoy these.

    jen hook - Ouch! That's pretty steep.

  4. That is by far one of the greatest things I've ever seen. If my wife knew i wanted this, she would laugh SO hard. She already calls me a dork because of my love for pens and paper, but if I had this, it would be over the top. That being said, it's on my wishlist, and I will have them very soon. I've never thought of anything like this, but it totally makes sense.

    Thank you for posting this.

  5. Hey, we all have our passions; you just need to get your wife addicted to quality products, too.

    When I might my girlfriend, she used very low quality ballpoints. Now she has multiple pen cases, including a variety of fountain pens.

    When you buy your pack of InkJournals, have your wife try them out and play with some inks. Who knows, maybe she will become a dork like the rest of us. :)