Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sanjay Needs Recommendations!

Sanjay reached out to me with a request for some recommendations for pen and highlighter advice. I will provide him with some of my own, but I wanted to pose the question to visitors of the site to get a more well-rounded set of suggestions:

"My entire family are pen freaks. I am currently in Medical School and need some pen, highlighter and marker advice.

Currently in school my got pen is the Black Pilot G2 0.38MM for daily note taking and I use the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.3MM to add color to key pieces of information in my notes. I also like to use a standard sharpie yellow highlighter as I review my material. I am looking for a pen line that offers me the options of colors so I would not have to use the Triplus anymore and the rights as fine or finer then the G2 0.38MM but also has some coolness to it. 

I have tried the Jetstream 0.7MM but i still dont get the satisfaction I get with writing with the G2. 

Any options or just a top 10 recommendation of pens would be great. 

Do you have any recommendations on highlighters also nothing that will smear?"


  1. Pilot Hi-Tech-C Coleto Multi-pen. You can choose 3-4-5 colors in the pen depending on which body you choose. The refills come in a choice of 15 colors and three different point sizes. Pencils, a stylus or erasers are also options. I love the smooth lines of this ink pen and switched from the triplus fineliners to the Hi-Tec-C.

    I would stick with your G2 for a general black ink writer in addition to a Coleto. If you want to upgrade, a Zebra F-701 is built like a tank and is a comfortable and smooth writer.

  2. Sanjay - I'm going to have to agree that the Pilot Hi-Tec-C line is hard to beat for color and size options, especially if you like a really fine point.

    The Zebra Sarasa Clip .4 is also fantastic, as is the Uniball Signo DX. As far as highlighters go, I really like the fat Sharpie higlighter. I use one every day and they seem to last forever.

    Have you tried the .5 Jetstreams? I love the standard black and have not tried many of the other colors, but they put down a thin, consistent line.

    You could spend months reading through the postings of my fellow bloggers - and I'd encourage you to do so. Tastes are obviously going to vary, but head over to your favorite pen retailer and treat yourself to a little variety pack.

    You can get indigogarden's recommendations, as well as mine, on

  3. If you like the G2 0.38 ink but not the body, you could get the Pro or Limited body and swap refills.
    The Muji gel pen line is very nice and offers a wide range of colors and finer point sizes, the problem is I don't have a store near me. I have seen the pens in their online store though.
    Uniball offers their Signo line at box stores in the 0.38 tip size. You may like it. I find Uniball pens quite nice. Unfortunately, those are similar to the G2 and art only in the basic colors. Red, blue, black, and green. (I have seen the ultra fine G2s in a set of those colors just recently).
    As far as highlighters, any of the new gel highlighters will give you the color without the bleeding or smearing of ink. The highlighter pencils are also on the market - usually intended for Bible marking I think. I've also used the twist crayons for highlighting. They work just as well.