Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pilot Razor Point II

Alright, so I meant to write "and IT has been", but I was caught up enough in the writing experience of the pen not to notice my omission. This pen is very basic in it's design, much like the Marvy Le Pen and Sakura Pigma Micron, but it does have a bit of starry-night razzle dazzle going on with silver speckles on grey. 

I know most felt/plastic-tip pens do not fair well as a refill version, but Copic has done it, as has Sharpie, so I would love to see this one in a steel barrel with interchangeable cartridges and point sizes.

That being said, my Copic has an issue where he "bristles" tend to crack - it has happened to me twice. My stainless steel Sharpie Pen is awesome, but the tip wears down quickly, so I guess a disposable plastic tip/felt pen is optimal. 

This example looks better in person. As I've noted in previous reviews, my lighting situation isn't the best. Daylight is non-existent after work, and whatever light I can refract from the Minnesota snow is a slightly blue tinge. I do have Photoshop, but I haven't had time to learn how to use it to correct my images.

Here's a comparison of the Razor Point II to other plastic tipped pens. Some of these are fairly common, especially the V Razor (found at big box stores), the Staedtler and Sakura (found in art supply stores), and the Sharpie (found in almost every pen cup, car seat, couch cushion, and junk drawer).

The Razor Point II was closest to the Sakura Pigma Micron, but I would favor the Sakura for all of its acid-free, archival, so on and so forth. I am not sure if the Razor Point II has ink with these properties, but this adds a bit of mystique.

Some mug shots of the clip. Very minimal and basic, but it works.

This images shows a bit more of the sparkle. It looks both menacing and ethereal. It's also very comfortable to hold for a basic stick pen.

The pen is saying, "You need to try this." At least with the right quantity of microbrew it is.  :)

I'm actually quite surprised this isn't more common/available. I also thought the same thing about the Pilot Bravo, but maybe there's a legitimate reason that these are not more well known. Does anyone else have experience this with one?


Per Daniel's Request, a view of the bleed-through test (Rhodia Reverse Book 80gsm):


  1. Hi there :D

    Don't mean to bother, but i'd like to know how it looks in the back of the paper [because I know how the "Sharpie Ultra Fine" "bleedstrough" :/ ] just if possible :D


  2. Daniel - no problem! See the updated added image above.

  3. I remember using those as a kid. I've seen them in some art supply stores, but they aren't really in many other places around here. I suppose it's not as "sexy" as other pens in that vein. More like something that you'd find in an office.

  4. Michael - I wasn't aware they had been out for a long time, but that's good to know. I'm surprised they aren't more prevalent given how good they are (in my opinion).

  5. Thanks for the picture Alex, looks great

  6. This pen is ever present at my job where we get them by the dozen. The red and blue versions are a bit snazzier as they have yellow end caps but still have the sparkle finish. I really like that pen and it would seem to be fairly cheap since my job buys them.

  7. I believe I had one from a visit to the office supply store as a kid. That store closed long ago. Since then I've only seen them at an art store up in Milwaukee that carries open stock pens and markers. Now I need to go visit that aisle and grab one. :) My Pilot collection is incomplete... unless I can find that old one. lol ♥

  8. My father carried the previous model in his pocket as long as I could remember. I think we would have buried him with one in his shirt pocket.

    This looks like a worthy successor, thank you for your objectivity!


  9. I'm with you on preferring Microns for technical drawing, but my employer stocks the Razor Point II, so it has become my regular writing/sketching pocket pen. I prefer their thinner line over the regular Razor Point (or the V Razor Point, which has the same tip as the regular but a different barrel that doesn't scream "geek" and can therefore be sold at Tar-Mart - also fits nicely in a Sherpa if you're into that).

  10. Dan - you are very lucky to have this available in your office supply stock at work. It's hard to beat the price of free, especially with a great little pen like this one.

    I have yet to try a Sherpa, but the idea is appealing.