Friday, June 28, 2013

Pentel Twist-Erase Click .9 Mechanical Pencil

I never thought construction cone/safety orange was a really fun color until I started getting into fountain pen inks and Rhodia products, but now orange is one of my first picks, so I love the look of this mechanical pencil from Pentel.

I'm not sure if I ever owned a .9 mechanical before this one, and I'm still not sure how I feel about something between my beloved .5s and a 2mm lead holder. A .9 is comparable to sharpening a wooden pencil, writing a few lines, and then writing - it's a bit fat for my writing style, but it's perfect for sketching, large notes, and the lead is a helluva lot more resilient to breakage. 

I've been using this one at work to sketch markups for our drafter, who then turns the drawings into CADs (we manufacture medical and industrial carts, primarily). 

One huge different between the Twist-Erase line of Pentel products vs. other mechanical/drafting pencils is the huge eraser. This is by no means an 'emergency eraser', and the refills are easy to find. I didn't get a chance to do a writing/erasing sample, but most of you are familiar with quality erasers, and this one does a pretty solid job (not as perfect as the super premium erasers, but it's priced right). 

I will say that if you are not erasing in the direction the eraser is pointing, e.g., in a circular motion, you may end up twisting the eraser back into the pencil. You can hold onto the collar to prevent this from happening, or you can just erase with the eraser - kinda hard to describe but, if you get one, you'll figure it out.

The mechanism to extend the lead is conveniently placed next to the grip; this is efficient, and I like it. I'm not sure where other people typically weigh in on this, but I find shaker pencils to be a needless amount of spectacle and effort to get a get a pinch of graphite, but maybe it's me that's weird. At any rate, the mechanism on the side is better than a shaker mechanism. :)

I thought the ergonomics on this were pretty comfortable, and I was able to write very close to the point, just as I like it; it makes it easier to write small, which is what I prefer. The build quality is solid, and I thought the clip was adequate. This pencil is part of the Pentel Recycology program and, as such, is made with recycled content, in this case 59% recycled plastic. This is a good pencil.

Retail price is on these is $2.99 and, to fulfill the obligatory disclosure, I received this one at no charge from Pentel. You can see their product page for this at,

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