Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My E.D.C. for September 17th

I know many of you are into E.D.C. or your 'Daily Arsenal', and here is a very common combination for me:

- Pentel Graphgear 1000 .5 mm: Right now mine has Uniball Nano Dia HB or B, and this is easily my #1 favorite pencil. I also love the Kuru Toga, but it doesn't have a retractable sleeve for pocket carry. This pencil feels good in the hand and it's very durable.

Found on JetPens or Amazon

- Uniball Signo DX .38, Black: Time and time again, I come back to this for my primary pen of choice. The performance is insanely good (better than just about anything else for my writing style). I tend to write small, and it uppercase letters, so this really fits in the bill in terms of consistent performance, precise lines, and an overall feel that is hard to believe for a few bucks. Even people I know that don't like sub-micro point (under .5), still love this pen. Oh yeah, and it comes in a range of point sizes and a bazillion colors.

Purchased mine through JetPens

- Doane Utility Notebooks: It's these or Field Notes, and it's been that way for about three years. I don't use fountain pens in either one, because they have porous, fibrous paper, but they take everything else very well. If I'm not using a gel, then it's going to be a pencil or ballpoint (or some new-fangled hybrid ink). The grid + lines format works very well for my writing style and organizational approach.

Can be bought online via doane paper

- Swiss Army Knife, Tinker: The Tinker is great. The things I use most on it are the knives, the bottle opener [beer is good], the Philips head screwdriver, and the tweezers, but there's an awl if you need to puncture some leather. Eh, why not? You can get this thing for under $20, too. You need one, you just don't know it yet.

SAK Tinker on Amazon

- County Comm Pico Widgy Pry Bar: Though it mostly gets used for opening packages, having a pry bar offers, well, the peace of mind that you have prying capabilities on your key chain. How many people can say that? Probably not many, and maybe it's just a cute/manly accessory, but it's also nice for man slivers and the like.

 County Comm Pico Widgy Pry Bar

- FourSevens Mini QAA: It may not be practical for everyone to carry a light, but I like working on computers, I enjoy late night hikes, and I tend to be clumsy at night, so having a dedicated light is always helpful. Sure, you can use the light on your smartphone, but it's nice to have a different source when batteries are low.

My model is discontinued, but you can find a similar version, and many others, at FourSevens.

- Chapstick: I live in Minnesota, and it can go from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to freezing in less than 24 hours, so it's essential here.

What is your E.D.C.?


  1. I like your EDC. All your items look functional and well used. You seem to have the basics covered, a light, a knife and pen and paper. I carry a lot of tools in my purse, but below are my mainstay items:

    Streamlight Nano Flashlight
    Fox 40 mini Whistle
    Leatherman Micra
    Country Comm Pico Widgy Prybar
    Mini-Composition Book
    Fisher Bullet Space Pen
    Moleskine Pocket Planner with Quiver
    Burt Bee's Lip Balm

    Although I like a SAK, I find that the scissors that the Micra provides are extremely useful. I switched to the Micra from the SAK and never went back.

    My pocket moleskine's quiver holds my pen and I keep an extra mini-notebook for odd notes that I don't want to put in the planner. It all tucks together nicely. The envelope in the planner holds stamps and other small paper items, almost like a wallet.

    My Nano stays on my keychain with the whistle. It is a great little 10 lumen flashlight that holds up to plenty of abuse. I agree that I prefer a dedicated flashlight over the light in my smartphone. I'd rather not run down my phone batteries for such a mundane task. I keep a larger Streamlight ProTec 2AAA in my purse when I need something brighter, but most of the time the little Nano works just fine.

    I like the look of your Pentel Graphgear 1000 pencil. I keep thinking about getting one, but I find that I usually prefer pens. I'm not sure if I'd use it enough to warrant the purchase.

  2. Wendy - I've been curious about the Sreamlights and the Leatherman Micra; I've heard good things about both.

    As for the rest of your setup, it sounds very complete, and I definitely recommend trying out the Graphgear. It was the pencil that converted me to at least keeping on in the arsenal.

    I assume you've seen the EDC blog, though I'm not sure what happened to the guy running it - no posts in a long time.

    At any rate, thanks for reading and posting!