Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pilot Acroball, Medium 1.0 mm, Black

Among Pilot's numerous ballpoint offerings is the Acroball, also known as the EasyTouch Pro in the U.S. I reviewed this pen before in the .7 mm verision, and it's still one of the best ballpoints on the market.

Of all of the grips that I've come across, the Acroball is easily among the best. It's grippy, it doesn't limit my preference for holding the pen near the point, and it just feels right.

Pardon the less than stellar pictures. It's extremely difficult for me to knock this pen on anything, with the exception of occasional globbing. Outside of that, there are some spots of white in the line consistency, but I have yet to find a 1.0 mm ballpoint that doesn't exhibit that tendency from time to time. That being said, this is a gel-ballpoint hybrid ink, so it's way smoother than your average ballpoint, and the black ink is also more opaque (less washed out and grey looking that many economy ballpoints).

Though I much prefer the .5 size, I think everyone should try the Acroball, especially if you have finicky notebooks that don't play well with your fountain pens and liquid ink options. JetPens sent this over to me, at no charge, for review.

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