Sunday, October 27, 2013

Uniball Jetstream RT BLX 1.0 mm Green Black

I'd venture to guess that most "pen people" have experienced some variation of the Jetstream at this point, but you may not have tried the relatively new 'BLX' model that features ink that is a blend of black with colors like red, purple, and green. 

It's difficult to capture the subtle green component, at least with my proficiency using a camera but, even in person, the exact color is a bit elusive. My fiancee thought that the color might have been a dark blue with hints of grey, but I thought it was a definitely a green component, though it looks blue black in the sample. 

 Shown above, you can see the difficulty that the ball occasionally had in putting ink down on paper. This is an Ampad Gold Fibre Quadrille Notepad, and I guess it's just one of those things one must accept with larger diameter ballpoint tips.

 The overall construction of the pen is excellent for the money. Everything feels solid and long-lasting. I like how the plastic near the top is tinted to an approximation of the ink color. The whole package is professional, modern, and well executed.

The grip area is basic, yet effective, and the barrel shape doesn't restrict how you hold the pen short of the clip occasionally getting in the way.

 The final verdict is that this pen is great in most areas and could use a bit of improvement in the line consistency, but that wouldn't prevent me from giving it a solid thumbs up.

Note: I received this pen at no charge for review.


  1. also really like the brand UNIBALL

  2. Ah! I really like Jetstreams. They do have a strange line consistency though - I find that writing at a higher angle from the paper improves that. Nice colour ink though!

  3. I found a green-black Jetstream in Hong Kong last year in a 0.5mm size and have not had any issues with the line skipping. I think the wider nibs on ballpoints tend to skip more. But I absolutely love the green-black color.

  4. My favorite pen! I'll definitely be looking to try these out soon.

  5. prosperiusz - Agreed. Very solid offerings overall.

    Azizah - If you find a 1.0 mm ballpoint that doesn't have that issue, please let me know! I'm curios to see your review of this pen, too. :)

    ana - That sounds amazing (the .5 mm size) - I need to find one!

    Jennifer - They have a multi-color pack for ~$13. I bet the red black is amazing. Let me know what you think of these when you try them.

  6. Sorry. The grip area sucks in these models. That bit of plastic window bars/4 vertical smooth plastic bars in all, amidst regular sort of rubber-ish grip area, is rubbish! It should be GONE! Compare this FAT ASS barrel to the "sport" model they call it in Japan, and which they more recently 'retired' from U.S. market, now, THAT pen, even the asymetrical attitude of it, also known as a Jetstream, which is smaller in diameter, KICKS ASS! And, it seems to do so with no matter which 'size' refill is in it. ONLY trouble is, the pocket clip of the sport, is dogshit. The fatboy here, metal to the sport's plastic, blows the sport off the block. Why can't UNIBALL get a clue and put every thing great in one goddamn fucking pen?