Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Zebra Sarasa Push Clip 1.0 mm Blue Black

The only area where I dinged the Push Clip is in the barrel; at $2.20 a pop, I'm not complaining. Even if I have concerns about long-term durability, I have yet to have one of these fail on me.

Regarding the photography, the blue component of the blue black color may not be evident from the picture, but it's a solid blue black in real life, and I'm quite pleased how the color looks on the page. 

In the realm of gel pens, I'd imagine that the Sarasa line is somewhere in the upper echelon in terms of popularity and, overall, hitting all the right points - it's affordable, available in many different colors and sizes and, most importantly, it provides a very satisfying writing experience.

I'm still trying to get accustomed to the line width in using 1.0 mm pens, and I write small, so my letters often ooze together, but I do enjoy breaking out of my normal .38, .4, .5 range to play with a bold, inky pen. The ink even dried surprisingly well for the amount of ink that seems to be hitting the page - perhaps it's just the opacity of the ink itself. Some gels do not dry quickly even in the smaller point sizes *cough* G2 *cough*, but this one still takes a bit longer than, say, the EnerGel. 

Not only have I not experienced any globbing or smearing with this pen, I haven't stained my pants pockets with the retractable point, which has happened before, and those jeans become yard work jeans.

The defining characteristic of this pen, as the name would suggest, is the clip - it's large, pivots on a spring, can grab larger things than most pen clips, things like clip boards, your Sunday crossword, coworkers, your glasses, etc., which is good, because this is a pen that you want to bring with you places. There's also the Zebra icon indicating the pen is manufactured with recycled materials, an added bonus.

Zebra got it right with the Push Clip, and I'd have no problem recommending this one all day long. I have quite a few of these, my favorites being viridian green, cobalt blue, and brown, in the .4 mm size.

This was a sample sent courtesy of JetPens, where I purchased my other Sarasa Push Clips (they're not as easy to find as many other gels).


  1. Huge fan of Zebra. I must try these, especially with the colors offered.

  2. excellent pen I'm very happy wıth it because I bought ıt less that 1 us dollar in Turkey first thing cheaper that other countries