Tuesday, December 24, 2013

JetPens Giveaway! (Two Chances to Win)

Before we get into the details of the giveaway, I've included links to my reviews of these items as a little recap of each. I've also included a link to the corresponding product page if you're interesting in picking one up (that and you can enter to win the item outright). 

Pentel EnerGel Tradio

I love this pen, I really do. One thing I can ding it for is that it tends to dry out between uses, so you will receive this, wonder why it's not writing well, and will then remember that I suggested that you write in circles until the ink flows. If you use this pen all of the time, I'm sure it will behave. I dig the retro appearance, including the little submarine window, and you can change out the refill with a few other types of cartridge, so that's a huge bonus.

$9.50 at JetPens 

Pilot Acroball 1.0 Ballpoint, Black

I think the Acroball is hugely underrated, as is the Dr. Grip. I'm not saying the Acroball isn't popular, because it is, but I'm surprised it's not more readily available and talked about. I've said it multiple times before, but I think the grip on the Acroball is second to none. You can get this pen in a variety of colors, tip sizes, as well as a multi pen format.

$2.50 at JetPens

Zebra Sarasa Push Clip 1.0 Gel, Blue-Black

An industry-leading gel pen, and for good reason; this pen is a joy to write with - the ink is opaque and smooth, the ball leaves consistent lines on the page, and this pen is available in loads of different colors and sizes. This blue-black offering was exceptional, by the way.

$2.20 at JetPems

Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel, Black

The Frixion was surprisingly fun to use - and the erasable ink feels a bit spy-like. The fine point wrote very well, and the fairly washed black ink was not undesirable in this case; the grey character of the ink alludes to a lack of permanence (but you can, so I've heard, bring the ink back with cold). I enjoyed this one very muc, and I'd still love to try the Frixion Point, too. 

$3.80 at JetPens

Uniball Jetstream BLX 1.0 Ballpoint, Green-Black

We all know the Jetstream line, but you may not have tried the BLX variant that offers traditional colors, such as green, brown, purple in a combination with black, resulting in professional colors that have a less conventional, fun undertone. As you'd probably expect, this Jetsream wrote very well, and the green-black was a welcomed deviation from my normal color choices. 

$2.60 at JetPens

OHTO Fude Ball 1.5 mm Liquid Ink, Red

If I had a more graceful hand, I'm sure I'd get more use out of this one. I like the pinkish-red color, very romantic. And the 1.5 mm ball a very different experience - like a pin ball on ice (smooth is what I mean). 
I'd like to check out the black, possibly as a good signature pen. 

$2.50 at JetPens

Pilot Cavalier Fountain Pen, Fine (not revewed)

I bought this one and never got a chance to review it. It comes with a converter, too! There's some toothiness that needs correction, and I'd rather not ruin the pen by adjusting the tines too much, so I am passing this one off with the rest of the herd. 

$49.50 at JetPens

Some of these items I received at no charge to review, others were purchased. I'm dong this to both give out some cool goodies, as well as to generate interest in some of these items on JetPens. I'm working on a sponsorship and would like to continue to write honest reviews and send out most of the items I try, so that's why this giveaway is a bit different.

There are two ways you can enter to win:

1. Leave one comment on this post. Please enter a name of some sort so I don't have to announce 'Anonymous' as a winner. This will count as your first entry.

2. Place an order at JetPens and leave a comment with your order number. I don't care if you order something for a dollar, but the order number must be placed as of today or afterward. By commenting with your order number, you qualify for a second entry in the giveaway.

  • Only U.S. residents will qualify for this giveaway. I don't mean to exclude any international readers, but I have read about several instances where people are simply not receiving their packages from international sources, and I don't want anyone to be disappointed if these items are held by Customs. 
  • Entries will be accepted between now and 11:59pm, December 31st. The winner will be posted within a few business days afteward. 

Thanks for reading, good luck, and Happy Holidays!


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    1. I'll take your word for it and count my comment as your 2nd entry. :) Happy Holidays!

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  8. Only this entry for me :) I just got my order from Jet Pens last week. Some Pilot Parallels and some Maruman Word cards for the wifey.

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