Friday, December 20, 2013

Monologue Ruled Notebooks

Grandluxe was kind enough to send me a variety of notebooks to try (stay tuned for some giveaways), among them being the Monologue line. Shown above are four different sizes, and colors, of the their 'ruled note book'.

As you can see from the information on the back, these are Made in Malaysia. The paper is cream, acid-free, 80gsm. The build quality seems on par with many high-end brands, and the range of colors and sizes available would appeal to just about any taste, so long as you don't mind the format (elastic band, faux leathery-type material, etc.).

I tried a variety of writing implements, and the writing experience was quite nice. There was some feathering with the liquid ink pens, but liquid ink pens almost always feather, which is the primary reason why I tend not to like them, though I love some of the hybrid ink pens that are out there.

As one might expect, the Sharpie was visible on the other side, as were the liquid ink pens. Everything else that I used would allow you to use the other side of the page, though some of you may not mind writing over bleed through like this. I cringe just thinking about that.

For my preferred color preferences, the orange was pretty sweet, and I do like the elastic bands. When I use notebooks like this, I stash cards, coupons, loose paper, under the band. It keeps me organized.

For better or worse, the elastic band is tight enough to make indentations in the cover. I don't think the band is on there crazy tight or anything, and I like knowing that it's secure, so long as it holds up over time. We shall see. 


  1. Those look pretty cool. I like the elastic bands, too. The colors are lovely, especially the pink one. Do you know where they are available?

    1. It's easier to find reviews on these than it is to find a vendor, but Amazon has a pretty extensive selection if you search for Grandluxe notebooks.

  2. Your all notebooks are caught my attention.Really fantastic colors here !!

  3. I'm using a ruled Moleskine 5x8 inch with Staedtler Cool Rollers and I find the feather/bleed very tolerable. Would you say the Monologue is better or worse? Do they have a 5x8 inch size?

  4. The A5 is basically 5x8, but I have not tried the Cool Rollers before. I'd say it's tolerable if you use a fine point and write quickly. I prefer little to no show through, but I choose pens that are less likely to show through.