Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pentel Twist-Erase Mechanical Pencils

Pentel has a wide range of products, even within their mechanical pencil line. Shown above are variations of the Twist-Erase model. I recently reviewed the Twist-Erase Click .9 mm Orange, which I love even more now than when I first tried it, so I was excited to put these to the test.

First up is the Twist-Erase Express .7, Fashion Color Collection. From the package, we learn of the twist-up jumbo eraser, break-resistant lead, and ergonomic comfort grip. Let's dig down into the details a bit further...

Jumbo eraser is no joke - this is by no means an emergency eraser. The eraser can be a bit finicky in that the act of eraser causes the twist mechanism to retract or extend the eraser, depending on which direction you're erasing in. This can be minimized with a firm grip.

The erasing quality was pretty good (yes, I should have done a sample, but I didn't) - the marks are almost completely gone, but the eraser is not quite as good as, say, a Staedtler Mars Plastic. They are, however, readily available at most big box stores, so that's a huge plus.

The barrel is very featherweight, though everything feels sturdy and ready for work. The clip, grip, and clicky-lead-dispensing-mechanism-thing, though utilitarian, are satisfactory. I do wish the lead sleeve was retractable/pocket safe, I may be in the margins on that one, and price is always a factor.

Final verdict is that these are totally decent, and I think most people would enjoy using them. The colors might not meet everyone's tastes, but fortunately Pentel also makes the same pencil as the Twist-Erase Express, with colors in the 'Office Color Collection'. See below.

Same pencil, just a more mature, more professional look. You'll notice extra leads, an eraser, and four pencils instead of three. This pack is great because it's enough to get someone through a semester or many days at the office.

Again, if you don't mind a lightweight plastic format, then these will probably meet your needs quite well. 

Next up is the Twist-Erase GT. This variation comes with a metal clip, and a rubbery-comb style grip that is squishy, and has a fair amount of give to it. These do have a larger (than emergency size) eraser, but they are not the jumbo size, so you will have to account for a different refill if you plan on acquiring multiple Twist-Erase pencils.

Well, it's not just the materials that attract dust; our humidifier was out the week that I took these pictures, so it was uber-staticky around the house. At any rate, you can see the comb-style grip, and the whole package looks a bit 80s perhaps - a bit retro - and I have no problem with that. 

I promise that I dust my house - I really do. 

Lastly, we have what appears to be a regular Twist-Erase. When I search for the model number of QE515 or QE517, I find the name Twist-Erase III, which is not indicated on the barrel, so I guess this is just another revision? 

Of the variations I tried, I think this one was the most regular of the bunch. You get a mechanical pencil with a thicker barrel, a metal clip, and a semi-squishy grip. It will get the job done, but there are no real frills beyond the jumbo eraser.

The bottom line is that if you like lightweight mechanical pencils, and you like an integrated eraser, then there's probably a Twist-Erase model out there for you.

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